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Daily Programme

It is possible for audience without festival pass to purchase tickets here when the programme is ready. Follow us on Facebook for updates and news regarding this year festival.

Main Programme

The festival’s official programme consists of 20 films that will receive a theatrical release in Norway during the coming fall/winter/spring. Complete program will be presented on August 4th.


Special Screenings

These films have no other common denominator than the fact that they do not naturally fit into the main programme.


Nordic Focus

Nordic Focus is arranged for the fifth time this year. The Nordic sidebar has become an important and popular part of the festival's Nordic profile.


French Touch

France still has a special position in European cinema. Since 2006, the festival, in co-operation with Institut français Oslo and Unifrance, has showcased French films and co-productions in the main programme. New French films are also regularly presented in a special programme, as is the case this year. 


Cinema Italia

Italy and Italian cinema have a special place in our hearts. The festival regularly presents new Italian films, in co-operation with the Italian Culture Institute in Oslo and the organisation Filmitalia in Rome.



The programme consists of new children’s films that will receive a theatrical release during the fall of 2014 and winter/spring of 2015.


Norwegian Shorts

A selection of the best short films suitable for children from 2013 / 2014.



This has been a regular feature of the festival since 2001 and consists of new quality films that will be released straight to the Blu-ray/DVD market.


New Nordic Films

19 - 22 August 2014
The New Nordic Films market programme consists of around 20 new films from Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland. Since New Nordic Films is a closed event the program will be distributed by mail to participants.


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